A Visit to ND Turbo Lab

Posted by: Greg Lorch
Director, Business Growth
SouthBendRegion on Wednesday, March 9, 2016 at 12:00:00 am

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet with Scott Morris and Jeff Arnold at the Notre Dame Turbo Lab at their new facility in Ignition Park, Franklin Street, South Bend. The meeting's purpose was for me to better understand what they do and how they could potentially support local businesses and how local businesses can support them.

In terms of my comprehension, it didn't take long for them to exceed my knowledge. Basically, they are capable of doing a wide range of research and testing, from small-scale theoretical work to larger-scale application research ( commercialization focused). The latter is their sweet spot with their ability to detect small changes in performance which enables them to have the insight to optimize turbo designs. They have world-class equipment that enables them to change air flow, air pressure, heating and cooling. For you engineering and turbo techies, put on your seat belts because these are the overwhelming capabilities of the facility:

  • Producing compressed air up to 48 lbm/sec (38,000 SCFM) at pressures up to 180 psia and temperatures ranging from 100-1200 F (38-650 C).
  • Equipment testing with electrical requirements up to 10MW.
  • Variable speed motors and dynamometers providing power from 1 to 10 MW.
  • An indirect, gas-fired heater that produces 7MW of compressed air heating capabilities.
  • A closed-loop chiller water system capable of 12 MW of heat rejection.
  • A vacuum system that provides pull pressures as low as 2 psia at 10 lbm/sec or 10 psia at 50 lbm/sec.
  • 2000+ channels of data acquisition including high-accuracy pressure and temperature measurements.
  • Rotating machinery measurements including telemetry, vibration and acoustics.
  • Facility and data systems capable of handling proprietary and export- controlled work.

If you, or any of your friends, understood these capabilities and are interested in talking with NDTL lab about how they might help you with design and/or testing, please let me know and I will help you make the connections. For more info on the Notre DameTurbo Lab, go to their website

Greg Lorch
Director, Business Growth