Data Management

The South Bend Region is one of only a handful of places in the U.S. that boasts both the availability of high-speed, low-cost connectivity as well as low cost of power.



As the routing of interstate highways and rail lines go south of Lake Michigan, many fiber optic, long-haul carriers use these  right-of-ways  for their fibers. South Bend Region has the second greatest concentration of transcontinental fiber in the state of Indiana and access to over 40 global network carriers.

In addition to the national fiber, the region is home to MetroNet Zing, a 50-plus-mile dark fiber optic loop that goes around South Bend and Mishawaka. End users have basically unlimited bandwidth at unlimited speeds with competitive pricing because the fiber is vendor neutral, allowing the end user to shop service versus price from several vendors.



Electric power to the South Bend region is provided by Indiana Michigan Power (I&M), an operating unit of American Electric Power (AEP). AEP ranks among the nation’s leaders in generating electricity and owns one of the nation’s largest transmission systems.  I&M industrial customers paid an average of 5.89 cents per kilowatt-hour in comparison to the Indiana average of 7.10 cents per kilowatt-hour.



Data Management at Work
Data Realty

Data Realty Northern Indiana was completed in the fall of 2012 and is located in Ignition Park, a certified South Bend Technology Park in downtown South Bend. Ignition Park is 140 acres where Studebaker Corporation once stood. In 2000 the old abandoned buildings were demolished and the land reclaimed by the city for technology-centric development.

Data Realty is a 50,000-square-foot analytics-ready data center with 20,000 square feet of raised floor. It serves companies within a 100-mile radius of South Bend. The modular style of the facility enables clients to build out their infrastructure in incremental square footage to take advantage of the latest technologies to save energy and achieve high performance.


Data Management at Work
Union Station Technology Center

From 1928 to 1971, Union Station was the major railroad station for North Central Indiana. After renovation ended in 2003, it operated as a carrier hotel and collocation facility, and now transports data instead of people. Since 2010, it concentrates exclusively on Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) through space, power, connectivity and innovation. 

Over 20 national carriers now reside in Union Station Tech Center. It is the region’s largest data center and Indiana’s second largest carrier hotel that has both national and multi-national clients.