South Bend has a strong history of being an innovation and manufacturing center. Having been the home to Studebaker, Bendix, Oliver Plow Works and Singer Sewing Machines, the city and region have developed a power grid infrastructure and network of precision machining suppliers.

While education and health care are now the major employers in the area, the manufacturing heritage isstill evident today with the number of precision machining and plastic molding companies in the area. It is the retained experience in servicing the aerospace, aviation and automotive industries that will enable us to adopt and leverage advanced manufacturing technology in the area.


Success Stories in Manufacturing

AM General
Military and commercial automotive assembly plants

Honeywell’s Wheel and Brakes Operations Center, Honeywell Aerospace

Manufacturing Technology Inc.
MTI provides custom-engineered joining solutions for manufacturing processes. It is the only company in the world with the experience and equipment to offer the diversity of all friction welding capabilities—direct drive, inertia, linear, stir, radial—and resistance welding.

Notre Dame Turbomachinery Facility
2014 announcement of a $36 million project to build the facility. This facility will be the nation’s foremost research and testing facility for advancing the use of massive gas turbines in a range of industries.