JSK Buys College Football HOF

Published Friday, June 29, 2018

According to an article in the South Bend Tribune, the former College Football Hall of Fame building, a longtime headache for the city, will be sold to a subsidiary of JSK Development, with plans to find a tenant for the building or move its offices there.

The South Bend Redevelopment Commission amended an agreement June 28 that will sell the downtown building for $525,000 to JSK-related Southhold, the group that owns the new downtown Courtyard by Marriott.

Since the Hall of Fame left town in 2012, the building had been floated as a potential landing spot for an indoor rock climbing facility, a casino, an event center, an Ivy Tech culinary center and a 2015 JSK plan to incorporate it into the construction of the Courtyard by Marriott. But JSK’s plans were sunk when Marriott rejected the idea.

Now, the development company is taking another swing and has already been marketing the building to prospective tenants as a part of an existing deal with the city.

But changes to the deal on June 28 remove the city’s obligation to maintain the heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment for three years after the close of sale. Instead, the city reduced the purchase price, from the original $1.2 million to $525,000.

Source: Read the Full Story by Caleb Bauer in the South Bend Tribune