South Bend Program Pays Employers for Additional Employee Training

Published Wednesday, September 19, 2018

If you are a City of South Bend-based company and have employees you would like to promote, but they require additional training with credentials that would warrant a promotion and/or raise, the City of South Bend’s “ON DEMAND” program would like to support your company in this endeavor. If your company and employees meet all the requirements for the program, the City of South Bend will fund the training and pay the approved training providers.

How to Qualify

  • Must be a South Bend based company.
  • Only incumbent workers qualify.
  • Only short-term trainings with credentials are approved.
  • Must identify trainings requested.
  • Upon completion of training with credentials, employee must receive raise and/or promotion.
  • Must supply City of South Bend representative with data on skills gained and other related information.

For More Information

J. Terry Stokes, Program Coordinator

Source: South Bend