Mossberg Using Technology, Value & Quality to Grow New Markets

Some may simply know Mossberg & Company as a longtime commercial printer in the South Bend Region. But the days of only providing offset printing services have since transitioned into the company offering total marketing solutions for their customers.

Today, Mossberg operates four divisions: 1). Commercial Offset, Sheetfed Printing (Sample Street, South Bend) ; 2). Packaging and Labeling; 3). Digital Printing; and 4). Fulfillment and Marketing Services.

James Hillman, grandson of Co-founder Herman T. Mossberg, serves as president and CEO.

Mossberg is recognized as one of North America’s most respected printing companies because of their focus on precision quality in all areas of production and services. The company, which employs 130 people, embraces new, value-adding technology to deliver measurable results for their customers.

Mossberg uses a customer-driven, customer-focused strategy to create new opportunities. For instance, the roll form label division began as a result of their customer—Miles Laboratories—requesting that they produce a particular kind of label that would suit their specific needs.

“We had a customer need, and we responded to that need,” says Hillman. “This approach was also used when we launched our fulfillment services in 2006, as there was a need to assemble kits for a customer in the health care industry.”

Their fulfillment center on Technology Drive in South Bend serves a number of national and international clients, distributing over 20 percent of their work globally.

Mossberg distributes items for Toppik hair care products to locations east of the Rockies, and when a high-end boot manufacturer wanted to sell their boots online, they turned to Mossberg for their fulfillment needs. “We now distribute for them all over North America, including Canada,” adds Hillman.

“Customers come to us because of the geographic distribution advantages of South Bend. Our region is a very cost-effective distribution area for ground transportation,” he says. The South Bend Region location gives Mossberg the opportunity to reach more than 40 million Americans in one day via ground transportation.

Hillman also points to the company’s top-notch warehouse and quality systems that govern how they process their work through the distribution center as powerful advantages.

Mossberg’s quality system is registered to the ISO 90001:2008 standard. The company is also cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Processes) compliant, a standard used by the Food and Drug Administration and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant, a standard used in the health care industry.

“Our quality system means we are able to pass various industry audits so we can better support our customers’ needs,” says Hillman. “That’s a big plus for us—our quality system; it’s a big part of what differentiates us in the marketplace, and that has been driven by our customers in the health care industry.”

“What we like to do is find a customer in a vertical market that will support our acquisitions,” says Hillman. One of the new vertical markets and one of the fastest growing is the microbrew industry where the company is providing labels and “labeled” cans for customers in the Midwest region.

Their strategy of providing customer value and differentiated products is paying off. Many printers can print labels, but few also offer the technology to produce shrink-sleeve labeled cans. This technology is being used to apply the labels to empty 12- and 16-ounce cans, supporting the needs of the microbrew industry.

Mossberg’s entry into the microbrew industry began in April of this year with the forecast to print one million labeled cans in the first year. Hillman indicates that the number will be more than four million by year’s end. The company created the website to serve the growing number of clients in the microbrew and beverage industries.

“We work very hard to not just be a commercial printer. Our ideal customer is one who taps into many of our divisions. We look for those mid-size companies where it is a ‘win-win’ for them and us. We want to help our customers grow their businesses,” says Hillman.

This includes executing entire marketing programs. For dental company Heraeus Kulzer, Mossberg developed customized communication software, including a website, to tie in with and support fulfillment efforts.

Mossberg recently landed a contract with a New York City-based firm which works with top brands to get their products into the hands of social media influencers. According to Hillman, Mossberg distributes the various products to the influencers for them to create social media buzz. Mossberg executes this client’s entire marketing program, including printing, packaging and distribution.

While over its 85-year history, Mossberg has learned to evolve and look to new growth opportunities, this philosophy translates to its employees. Hillman points out that many of their employees are longtime workers, however, they’ve adapted to new technologies to keep pace with the changing marketplace. This is accomplished through three levels of training, including technical competency, innovation and compliance.

“We look for employees who abide by our core values. Once we recognize that they have these values, we want to hold on to them,” says Hillman.

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