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AM General Produces mercedes suv

"One year later to actually be building cars on a production line is an incredible accomplishment," said Jason Hoff, president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz U.S. Int'l, about short turnaround...Read more


General Stamping & Metalworks
(Formerly General Sheet Metal Works

Investing $22.7 million to build a new state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing plant, designed to reflect  a culture that is rarely seen in a manufacturing environment...Read more


Heraeus Kulzer

"There are really good people in this area.” While the company has been based in other parts of the country, such as New York City, South Bend rates as well as any other place in terms of talent...Read more


Mossberg & Co.

South Bend's geographic advantage: “Customers come to us because of the geographic distribution advantages of South Bend. Our region is a very cost-effective distribution area for ground transportation." Read more 


Notre Dame Turbomachinery Lab

$36M ND TURBO LAB: Notre Dame and public and private partners collaborate on Turbo Lab in Ignition Park to become the nation’s foremost research and test facility for gas turbine engines...Read more